Our Four Stage Process

We offer four distinct stages to our possession service, and you simply pay for the stages which are necessary to regain possession of your property. It may be that you have already obtained and served a possession notice, and want to use our court papers or court representation services. In this case, you could jump straight in at stage two or three, and just pay for what you need. We can advise you on which of our services are needed for your particular case, and we guarantee to enable you to regain possession of your property.

Stage One - Possession Notices - £40

To legally regain possession of your property, you must serve a valid Notice to Quit. Although these are relatively simple documents, the dates on them must be correct for them to be valid. The dates are dependent on the type of tenancy agreement which is in place for the property, and we can advise on the correct details. Often, a possession notice is all that is required for your tenants to voluntarily leave the property as they realise that there is a real threat of court proceedings.

Stage Two - Court Papers - £230

If the tenant does not leave the property, the next step is to take them to court. We are able to prepare the Court Papers ready for a possession hearing in the County Court. Please note there is also a fixed Court Fee payable to the County Court where the claim is issued. This is currently £355.

Stage Three - Court Representation - £300

We ensure you have full legal representation for the first Court hearing. Matters are usually resolved at this hearing, and no other action is required. However, should there be complications requiring a further hearing, we will ensure this work is undertaken at competitive rates.

Stage Four - Forceful Eviction - £175

Should the tenant still not leave the property after your successful court hearing, we will arrange for the Court Bailiffs to forcefully remove them. This is the very last resort, but will result in you regaining possession of your property.

Unlike some of our competition, we handle every stage of the process ourselves. We don't outsource some of our processes to other law firms and legal professionals as we are able to do everything in-house. As well as reducing timescales and giving us full control over your case, this allows us to do things more economically and pass these savings onto you. In fact, we are so confident that you will not find these services cheaper elsewhere that we have created a Price Promise. If you find equivalent services cheaper, we will offer a discount of double the difference between the prices.