Stage One - Section 21 and Section 8 Possession Notices - £60

To order Section 21 and Section 8 notices, complete and submit your details using the form below. We can deliver your documents by either post or email.

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Grounds for Possession
  1. In order to obtain possession of premises let under a Tenancy Agreement, the landlord must specify a ground or grounds within the Housing Act 1988. With regard to some of these grounds, possession is compulsory. However, with regard to other grounds, it is up to the Court's discretion whether they will order possession for the landlord.

    Below, is a full list of the grounds contained within the Act. Please put a tick in the box next to the ground or grounds upon which you are seeking possession of the property.

  2. It is extremely important that you elaborate upon the ground or grounds for which you are seeking possession. Please provide as full an explaination as possible below, as well as providing details and dates upon each and every ground you are relying upon.

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